It's all Durch Technik now!

Last Summer, the missus went off to Yorkshire for a day to look at some chaps riding bikes. Of course, everyone to their own, and if bike goggling is what you like to do, then it has to be admitted that Le Tour did present an awful lot of cranks and cogs to goggle at. Fleeting pleasure though it was for the missus, it sustained her, as she had a huge cycling fix to come. Even as she marvelled at how little she could actually see of Le Tour, a team of crack German cycle fixers were fixing something with her name on. That’s right. A new bike. (That’s three now!)

The new bike arrived in a box. To buy one of these bikes, you have to be able to part-build it yourself, ha! Thousands of pounds sterling, and you have to make sure the suspension has the right amount of psi, fit the handlebars, front wheel release, front wheel, seat and by the way, there are no pedals. Buy your own! One thing is sure though. That bike is an awful lot better than my bone shaker, and I am sure the future is not orange. It is going to be red. As in my face! Exhaustion, embarrassment, tantrums....take your pick.

It has already started. That sleek German bike has left me in it’s wake. Pumping heavy legs, gasping for air, straining every sinew just to keep up. As the moorland paths took ever steeper routes, I found myself falling further behind, all the while cursing my own weakness as my male ego was crushed!

Years of agony lie ahead, as I will be expected to chase that bike over most of the Pennines. It isn’t all bad though. The missus tells me that the thing simply glides up the hills! Great! The talk in our house is mostly about how much more I will enjoy chasing the bike once I get much fitter. Not too sure about that. I am sure about one thing though. I can’t stand the sight of that German bike - still, I couldn't resist taking a quick shot using an open shutter and just my mobile phone to light the image.

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