With the dominance that Google now exerts on most online marketing, a demand has arisen that insists everyone becomes a "specialist." All photographers must specialise now to enable Google to pop them into the right Google box where they can be found when a few critical search terms are typed. Failure to become "Google box friendly" will result in anonymity.

However, when I trained as a photographer at the PCL, my photographic education was thorough and varied. The old adage was 'a good photographer should be able to shoot anything." It is an adage I have always tried to live up to, and I have worked in London advertising studios, shot for a national sports agency and a national news agency, and run my own commercial photography business since 1993! My grounding has been established by a great photo education, a varied career and lots of hard work, but Google is a difficult nut to crack. The big G still insists to be successful in marketing you must choose just one discipline to make things Google friendly.

These days, I attempt to guide clients to my door by using search terms such as, Commercial Photographer Manchester, Product photographer Manchester, Architectural Photographer Manchester and Portrait Photographer Manchester. This may seem to be a wide range, but I have shot for lots of magazines where the project demanded I used each of these disciplines. In fact most commercial photography projects demand I shoot interior photography and portraiture, or product photography and team photography. Marketing demands from business are never just for one niche photo product. I may be called in to shoot a product range, but invariably I will also shoot new employees, or team portraiture.

It may be a market man's dream that one simple search term sums up a photographer to make them so easy to pigeon hole, but if ever a photographer were so limited, they would never be able to claim that they were indeed a professional commercial photographer.

Commercial Photographer Manchester

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